Häufig gestellte Fragen

Product Warranty, Tracking, and Cancellation:

 Does my pedal come with a warranty?

Yes, Heavy Metal FX pedals come with a limited lifetime warranty for workmanship and components. The warranty is valid for the original owner with a registered warranty card and purchase receipt.

Are your products covered under any warranty service?

Yes, our products are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, and customers can purchase added protection through Surebright.

 How can I track the warranty period?

Yes, you can track the warranty period through Surebright if purchased.

How does the warranty process work?

The warranty process depends on the manufacturer and is described on Surebright.

Returns and Refunds:

What if I want to return my purchase?

Heavy MetaXl F offers a 14-day return period from receipt. Unused items in original packaging are eligible for refund or exchange. See Return Policy for details.

If the item got damaged in transit, how can I return or refund the item?

Please refer to our Return Policy.

Product Information and Assistance:

How should I use my gift cards/store credits/coupon codes (if available)?

You can use your gift cards, store credits, or coupon codes to make purchases in the same way as you would with a credit card.

What should I do if the product I'm interested in is not available?

We recommend exploring alternative options, depending on whether it's a normally stocked item or a special order.

CIOKS Power Supplies:

How to power a Line6 HX STOMP/FX/XL?

Line6 Stomp requires 900mA, HX Effects needs 1A. Use a parallel flex adapter (#8800) and yellow flex cable (#3050) from DC7 set at 9V. Alternatively, use CIOKS CRUX from DC7's 24V outlet, freeing up two outlets.

Can I power the Cioks 4 with the Ciokolate?

Yes, Cioks 4 Expander accepts both AC and DC. Power it via Ciokolate's outlet 16 set to 12V AC. Each of Cioks 4's four outlets has 500mA total, with 200mA available for three outlets if one requires 300mA.

What connector for the 24V outlet on DC7 and Cioks 8 Expander?

EIAJ-5-barrel connector: 6.5 x 4.3 x 1.4mm.

Morton Pedal Boards:

How do the Morton pedal board parts connect to each other?

Parts mount seamlessly with included low-profile hardware. Use a ⅛” hex screwdriver or any standard ¼” diameter hardware. Watch our how-to video on the support page for detailed instructions.

Do the Morton pedal board parts come with hardware?

Yes, each part includes enough hardware for connections.

How do I attach my pedals to your Morton pedal board parts?

Use 3M Dual Lock or standard velcro. Additional 3M Dual Lock available on our accessories page.

Do I need adapter plates for my order?

Adapter plates are required for mounting front and rear parts together without "Long" parts or "Side Trays." We'll reach out if necessary.

Do you have patch bays for your pedalboards?

Yes, we offer side-facing "Patch Bays" with 5 mono TS connections and rear-facing "Modules" with 2 or 3 locking TRS/XLR connections.

Where do I mount my power supply?

Mount your power supply anywhere it fits under the board, typically in the rear center, back left, or back right for plug-in access.

How do I mount my power supply once I know where I want it?

Use 3M Dual Lock or preferred velcro for mounting.

What setup would you recommend for "these pedals and this power supply"?

Use our pedalplayground.com for 2D configuration or contact us for assistance.

If I could only buy one Morton pedal board part, which one would you suggest?

We recommend the Long Slant 16 for its versatility and space efficiency, suitable for both beginners and experienced users.