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Schecter Stiletto Studio-6 6-String Electric Bass

Schecter Stiletto Studio-6 6-String Electric Bass

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Reach new highs and lows with this 6-string bass, tuned to BEADGC. With its neck-through design and mahogany body, this Schecter Stiletto sustains for days!

Expand your tonal palette with the Schecter Stiletto Studio-6 six-string bass! Some of the world's top bass players have helped extend the range of traditional basses, making five-string models quite common. For those looking to go even further, Schecter offers the Stiletto Studio-6, a 6-string tone machine built with a blend of quality woods and components.

Wide Open Range

Schecter offers players incredible range with the Stiletto Studio-6. With six strings tuned to BEADGC, it's able to hit notes lower and higher than conventional four-string basses. Those sounds are projected across the bass's mahogany body, giving off a tone that's naturally warm. Topped with quilted maple or bubinga depending on your finish choice, the Studio-6 looks fantastic.

Six Strings Thin

The multi-laminate maple and walnut neck has a player-friendly thin profile with a fast-playing rosewood fretboard and 24 extra-jumbo frets. The bass's cutaway allows you to take full advantage of the high string's range all the way up the fretboard. The neck's set-in construction, which runs the striped pattern through the body, not only looks good -- it helps promote resonance with the body for maximum sustain.

EMG Pickups For Any Style

Loaded with two EMG-45 pickups, the Stiletto Studio-6 will sound right at home whether you're delivering slap-happy funk or churning out the heaviest metal. These passive pickups give off a warm, organic sound compared with many active pickups. The 45s retain the clarity and dynamics EMG pickups have become known for, and are specially designed to handle the extended six-string range. You can dial in the perfect tone with the Stiletto's independent three-band EQ controls, then further adjust the sound with its master volume and master blend knobs.

Rock-Solid Hardware

The components on the Stiletto Studio-6 complement the bass's high-quality construction. The prominent Diamond Custom bridge is constructed of forged steel to maintain intonation across all six strings. Precision tuning is made possible by the Schecter-designed tuners, which feature a 17:1 gear ratio.


- Mahogany body in six-string design
- Quilted maple or bubinga top, depending on your finish choice
- Multi-laminate maple and walnut set-in neck
- Rosewood fretboard with 24 jumbo frets
- EMG 45 passive pickups in bridge and neck position
- Master volume, master blend, and three-band EQ controls
- Diamond Custom bridge
- Schecter tuners

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