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Schecter Stiletto Custom 5 5-String Electric Bass

Schecter Stiletto Custom 5 5-String Electric Bass

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This Schecter 5-string bass delivers plenty of low-end power and head-turning looks. With growling EMG HZ pickups, the Stiletto Custom 5 was built to rock!

Schecter's Stiletto Custom 5 5-string electric bass will hug your front like a tailored suit. That's because this axe's maple-topped mahogany body is cut into a super-comfortable curvy shape, with a cool carved contour that also gives it an alluring modern look. A multi-laminate maple and walnut neck in a cozy C shape allows all five of this stylish Stiletto's strings to rest comfortably in your hand, and a pair of EMG 40 HZ pickups dish out clear, articulate tones from each string right down to the low B. Sleek golden hardware adds a pleasant flair, catching eyes as well as ears. And the Stiletto Custom 5 puts volume, blend, and EMG active two-band EQ controls at your disposal, delivering a wide span of tonal possibilities.

Modern-Looking Resonating Mahogany Body

The warm alluring sonic nature of mahogany will keep your mids and lows firm through every note, and you'll never be short of depth and sustain. The maple top brings in just the right amount of snap and brightness. This body has a distinctive asymmetrical cutaway that'll give you plenty of access to this baby's higher frets, and the outer edges follow a modern-looking sleek curve that rests comfortably against your front.

Two EMG 40 HZ Pickups

All five of your Stiletto Custom 5's strings will find clear and warm articulation through your two EMG 40 Hz pickups. These babies pack a ton of sonic punch, dishing out earth-shaking lows and tight, snappy highs with just the right amount of brightness. These EMG pups boast a dual-coil design that keeps unwanted noise or hum out of your signal. Both pickups are protected in a cool black shielding that keeps dirt, dust, and sweat at bay.

Tone-Crafting Controls

To give you the exact tone you're looking for, your Stiletto Custom 5 bass offers volume, blend, and EMG active two-band EQ controls. Your blend control determines the mix of each pickup, and your two-band EQ controls help you shape the right amount of darkness or brightness you want to roll into your output.

Secure and Attractive Hardware

Keeping your strings secure and in tune is your gold S-Tek bridge. Your strings will harness longer sustain and maintain their intonation for longer sessions of playing, and this dependable bridge offers an attractive shine against the maple top of your Stiletto Custom 5's body. Secure gold knurled metal tuners add a nice final touch of sophistication.

Maple and Walnut Neck

Harnessing the melodic span of your Stiletto Custom bass is this baby's cozy C-shaped multi-laminate maple and walnut neck. Maple brings in a rounded brightness to your playing, and walnut, a dense wood, exhibits similar tonal characteristics to mahogany -- plenty of mids and lows. The rosewood fingerboard on this appendage features 24 jumbo frets with tight and comfortable action.


- Resonating mahogany body with modern looking curved contour
- Figured maple top
- Multi-laminate maple and walnut bolt-on neck in thin C shape
- Scale length of 35"
- Rosewood fingerboard with 24 jumbo frets
- Offset dots inlays
- EMG 40 HZ pickups
- Volume, blend, and EMG active two band EQ controls
- Sleek gold hardware
- Two way adjustable truss rod with 5/32" allen nut
- Metal knurled tuners
- Secure S-Tek bridge

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