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Decimator II Noise Reduction Pedal

Decimator II Noise Reduction Pedal

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Reduce noise without losing smooth note decay. With the Decimator pedal's smooth release response, you get transparent, nearly undetectable noise reduction.

Buzz, hum, hiss, unwanted feedback -- never again will your signal be tainted by unwanted sonic annoyance with the ISP Technologies Decimator II noise reduction pedal. This must-have piece of gear boasts two pending patents for inventive improvements over the original Decimator pedal design. You can even pick up two Decimator II pedals and link them using a 1/8" TRS cable, to directly track your axe both before and after your amp. This system will give you the tracking performance of the professional ProRack G system.

Other improvements include linearized Time Vector Processing for better release-response smoothness and transparency. If you're serious about keeping your signal as clear and unadulterated as possible, then add the Decimator II nose reduction pedal to your signal chain.

Easy to Use

Engaging your Decimator II Noise Reduction pedal is a simple stomp away. You can treat this pedal like just any other stompbox pedal, utilizing the threshold dial to determine at which volume level the noise reduction kicks in. Take your time to figure out where the appropriate threshold responds to your playing style and guitar settings, and once you find it, your signal will be as clean as can be.

New Improvements

To give your signal the care and attention it deserves, the Decimator II nose reduction pedal boasts two pending patents covering inventive improvements from the original Decimator design. Having a smooth transparency is key to keeping your sound clean without getting choppy and unnatural. This pedal's Linearized Time Vector Processing allows for better release-response smoothness, achieving a seamlessly smooth decay note after note. Once you get your settings figured out, you won't even notice this workhorse of a pedal is there.

Linking Two Pedals Together

Along with the 9-volt external power supply input jack, the Decimator II offers a 1/8" jack for linking a second Decimator II pedal. Your guitar's volume setting, the output of your pickups, and the way your pick hits your guitar's strings all pay a role in how the noise reduction influences your signal. This setup -- one pedal between your guitar and amp, and the other in your effects loop -- will keep your signal clean and pristine even under very high gain settings.


- Guitar noise reduction pedal
- One 1/4" instrument input
- One 1/4" output
- 1/8 phone cord allows two pedals to directly track your guitar
- Boasts the same tracking performance of ISP's professional ProRack G system
- Dynamic range of 95 dB
- Linearized Time Vector Processing for better release-response smoothness
- Achieves seamlessly smooth note decay
- Powered via two AA batteries or external power supply -- sold separately

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