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Foxgear Ballade Chorus

Foxgear Ballade Chorus

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One of the most important effects that created the distinctive sound of the guitar in the 80’s was without a doubt, the Chorus.  The ability to make a basic clean sound become beautiful, lush, and ethereal was a milestone in the history of music. At that time the equipment was noisy analog, signal reducing pedals. Even if they sounded good.
Starting with an idea to hold true to the sound made famous by great units like the Boss CE-1 and CE-2, we kept the circuit totally analog and worked to design the unit to be super quiet, to not reduce signal in any frequency, and to have a better response in the Low frequency range making it exceptional for bass also.

As with all other Foxgear pedals, the Ballade has Standard Audio-grade components in the audio path, (no SMD) and it is equipped with our own anti-pop relay assisted true bypass circuitry.


Effect: 80's Classical Chorus
Controls: Depth, Rate, Mix
Dimensions: 2.3" x 4.7" x 1.1"
Jacks: Top Mounted
Circuitry: Relay Assisted True-Bypass

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