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ESP LTD B206SM Electric Bass, 6-String

ESP LTD B206SM Electric Bass, 6-String

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Step up to a 6-string bass! With a stunning spalted maple top on an ash body and 5-piece maple/rosewood neck, the B206SM offers outstanding tone and sustain.

If you're a bassist looking to cover some Dream Theater but you don't have a ton of money to spend, then consider the ESP LTD B206SM electric bass. It's a 6-string electric bass guitar at a price that's difficult to beat. It's finished with an aged natural look and equipped with ESP humbucking pickups and active 3-band EQ, so your notes will ring clear wherever you're playing on its 24 extra-jumbo frets. Whether you're playing progressive metal or another style like rock, funk, or jazz, the versatility and tonal capabilities of two additional strings will surely spark some creativity.

Aged Natural Look

With a spalted maple top and natural satin finish, this 6-string bass looks much more expensive than it actually is. And with an ash body and five-piece maple and rosewood neck and fingerboard, the ESP LTD B206SM sounds like a much pricier bass too. Hardware is finished in black nickel, adding a touch of modern flair to the otherwise aged look of this six-stringed electric bass.

A New Low

Four-string basses -- which are typically tuned an octave below the standard guitar tuning -- can play most tunes, but sometimes that low E, or even a low D or a low C just isn't enough. Extend your low end with the ESP LTD B206SM and explore the alternate tunings and tonal capabilities a six-stringed bass guitar has to offer. It's got active electronics so your low end will ring clear however you tune it. A pickup balance control is provided for selecting or blending the two pickup channels. With 3-band EQ on board, you'll have no trouble dialing in the tone you're looking for.


- Six-string electric bass guitar
- Ash body with spalted maple top and natural satin finish
- Five-piece maple and rosewood neck with Thin U neck contour
- 35-inch scale rosewood fingerboard with 24 extra-jumbo frets
- Abalone dot inlays
- Bolt-on construction
- Black nickel hardware
- ESP tuners
- Master volume, balance, high, mid, and low tone controls
- ESP DB-6 bridge
- ESP SB-6 humbucking pickups in bridge and neck
- Active electronics with 3-band EQ

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