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ESP LTD B205SM Electric Bass, 5-String

ESP LTD B205SM Electric Bass, 5-String

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With its ash body, beautiful spalted maple top, and 5-piece maple/rosewood neck, the 5-string ESP LTD B205SM bass delivers punchy tone with lasting sustain.

Once you shoulder your ESP LTD B205SM five-string electric bass, your fingers won't be able to get enough of what this battleaxe has to offer. Powerful ESP-designed SB-5 pickups keep your output warm and clear of mud, and three-band EQ controls keep your signal sounding its best for all occasions. A comfortable ash body with an eye-catching spalted maple top gives you plenty of well-balanced resonance, and a five-piece maple/rosewood neck harnesses 24 XJ frets over a smooth rosewood fingerboard. Get more melody out of your performance -- pick up this ESP LTD and see what five strings of awesome bass tone can do for your sound.

Attractive Maple and Ash Body

As a tonewood, ash tends to have a dense and heavy characteristic to it and will yield a warm and evenhanded resonance across the lows, mids, and highs. Maple is a reasonably strong and resilient wood -- a good shield that holds up well to scratches and dings. Maple tends to bring in a pleasant rounded brightness that's never too harsh, but always on your side when you want your sound to stand out. This tonewood pairing is a popular choice, and your first amplified note will show you why.

Warm and Powerful ESP Designed SB-5 Pickups

Five-string basses bring more melodic possibilities to the table, and your pair of ESP Designed SB-5 pickups are ready to forge your signal. No matter how low or how high you go on any of this bass's 24 frets, every note will maintain a warm and well-balanced character without any mud, buzz, or annoying electronic interference. Make sure to take advantage of the three-band EQ controls to shape your sound. The balance control dial determines the right mixture of each pickup for a wide-reaching span of tonal possibilities.

Five-Piece Maple/Rosewood Neck

Wrap your hand around your ESP LTD B205SM's maple/rosewood neck and feel the music ooze from your fingertips to your amplifier. Maple brings in that biting snap when you hit it hard, and rosewood has similar tonal tendencies to mahogany -- a nice push on the middle and lower frequencies along with a helpful dosage of sustain. You have five strings at your disposal stretched over 24 XJ frets that each feature a comfortable action. This neck's extra thin "U" contour rests comfortably in your hand, so you'll enjoy hours on end exploring what this five-stringed baddie can dish out.

Secure LTD BB-605 Bridge

Anchoring all five strings down is your B205SM's LTD BB-605 bridge, helping your strings ring out longer and maintain their intonation over those endless jam sessions. This bridge utilizes a through-body setup, which yields greater sustain and a more seamless transfer of sound and overall resonance.


- Five-string electric bass with three-band EQ control
- Spalted maple top
- Resonant ash body
- Five-piece maple/rosewood neck
- Smooth buttery rosewood fingerboard
- 24 XJ frets
- Extra thin U neck contour
- Scale length of 34"
- Black nickel hardware
- ESP Designed SB-5 pickups
- Master volume, bass, middle, and treble controls
- Pickup balance control
- LTD BB-605 bridge with string-thru-body setup

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