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ESP LTD B-205SM Fretless Electric Bass, 5-String

ESP LTD B-205SM Fretless Electric Bass, 5-String

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The LTD B-205SM from ESP features an ash body with a spalted maple top. ABQ-3 active electronics and SB pickups help round out its huge 5-string tone.

Pick up the ESP LTD B-205SM fretless electric bass, and let your fingers experience the fretless tonal advantage! This 5-string beauty's spalted maple-topped-ash body provides plenty of well-balanced resonance, with a pair of ESP SB-5 pickups to craft a sweet, articulate signal. Enjoy the comfortable feel of the B205's five-piece maple/rosewood neck -- the smooth roasted jatoba fretless fingerboard spans two octaves for each string.

The Tonal Reach of Fretless Necks

Chosing to go the fretless route for guitars is a serious choice to make. The advantages, however, will undoubtedly set your sound apart from the norm. You'll be able to take advantage of microtones that you can only achieve with a slide or string bends on fretted guitars. You'll have plenty of room to slide notes up and down the fretboard with ease. Many players will argue that the sustain works to your advantage as well, on a fretless instrument. You'll achieve intonation when you aim to be as accurate as possible while traversing the fingerboard.

Maple and Ash Body

You'll love the look and feel of your ESP LTD B205 fretless electric bass's maple-topped ash body. Maple is a tough wood, and stands up well to the tests of time, while adding a nice touch of brightness to your sound. Ash is a slightly heavier and denser wood, and it yields a well-balanced resonance with careful attention to the lows, mids, and highs. The ESP LTD B205's spalted maple top features intriguing grain patterns that are an absolute pleasure to look at.

Two ESP SB-5 Pickups

Capturing the full-bodied tone of this fretless bass are its pair of ESP SB-5 pickups at the bridge and neck. Your low notes and high notes will all achieve a warm articulation anywhere your fingers travel along the fretboard. You have two independent volume controls to find the right blend of each pickup, and ESP ABQ-3 three-band active EQ controls to help shape your output's middle, high, and low frequencies to your personal liking.

String-Through-Body ESP DB-5 Bridge

The ESP DB-5 bridge anchors your five strings down securely -- helping maintain intonation for long playing sessions, and keeping each string's sustain ringing longer. This bridge features a string-through-body design, which brings in even more sustain, and provides a more seamless transfer of sound as you play.


- ESP LTD B205 5-string fretless electric bass
- Spalted maple top
- Ash body
- Comfortable five-piece maple/rosewood neck
- Smooth fretless roasted jatoba fingerboard
- 24 fret position lines
- Scale length of 34"
- ESP SB-5 pickup at the neck
- ESP SB-5 pickup at the bridge
- Two independent volume controls
- ESP ABQ-3 three band active EQ
- Black nickel hardware
- ESP tuners
- ESP DB-5 bridge -- string-thru-body design

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